DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class business solutions for Data Center, Managed Services, and Cloud. We offer custom-tailored IT deployments based on an organizationís specific business needs and objectives. This allows us to effectively manage risk, improve technology performance and allow our clients to focus on their own core business objectives.

Built around our world-class colocation data center facilities with highly available robust connectivity, DataBank delivers a premium environment which is custom-built to provide our clients 100% uptime availability for all their critical data, applications and deployed infrastructure.

DataBank is headquartered in the historic former Federal Reserve Bank Building in downtown Dallas, TX and has additional data centers in North Dallas, Minneapolis and Kansas City.

DataBank Minneapolis Data Center Servers DataBank Data Center Fiber Connections DataBank's DFW2 Colocation Dallas Data Center DataBank Data Center Server Racks DataBank's Dallas Data Center Colocation DataBank's Dallas Data Center Conference Room DataBank's Minneapolis Data center connectivity DataBank's 2N Data Center Power Delivery Minneapolis Data Center Cabs Minneapolis 2N Data Center Minneapolis Tier-III Data Center Dallas 2N Colocation Kansas City Data Center Dallas Data Center Colocation 2N Dallas Datacenter 2N Dallas Data Center Power Dallas Colocation Datacenter North Dallas Datacenter Lobby DataBank Datacenter Design Dallas Datacenter NOC Top-tier Datacenter Colocation Kansas City Data Center DataBank 2N Datacenter Power
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DataBank offers world-class data center enviornments for enterprise business DataBank data centers offer top-tier Cloud Solutions and environments for enterprise business DataBank data centers offer the utmost availablity and options for interconnection and peering in our carrier-rich facilities DataBank data centers offer a number of complementry Managed Services for enterprise business DataBank offers several top-tier Data Center locations across the Central US DataBank's Minneapolis Data Centers DataBank's Kansas/Missouri Data Centers DataBank's Dallas/Fort Worth Data Centers DataBank's Cleveland Data Center DataBank's Pittsburgh Data Center DataBank's Salt Lake City Data Centers



01/31/17 - DataBank Announces Acquisitions to Enter the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Markets
01/17/17 - DataBank Announces the Acquisition of C7 Data Centers
01/11/17 - DataBank Finalizes PCI & HIPAA Examinations
12/20/16 - DataBank Finalizes SSAE-16 Examinations in All Markets
07/14/16 - Digital Bridge Launches Data Center Platform With the Acquisition of DataBank
05/10/16 - DataBank hosts Tech Experience Tour for MSP High School AP IT students (external link location)
04/27/16 - Comcast Delivers Connectivity to DataBank's Twin Cities Data Center & Carrier-Hotel

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Data Center Compliance PCI-DSS/HIPAA/Safe Harbor/SSAE-16 Type II, SOC1 & SOC2
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